Runners end season just short of playoffs

Apr 22, 2020

The RoadRunners made huge strides in the 2019-2020 season after a major overhaul of the program.  The Runners established themselves as a solid team that will continue to grow both on and off the ice.  “We had a lot to try and accomplish in a very short time frame at the beginning of the season.  Player procurement, billet families and a game plan that we could execute on ice.” States Runners GM and Head Coach Mike Beavis.

The runners did just that and their season in the eyes of many was very successful.  The team came up short on a playoff attempt this year but all signs point to a strong possibility of the team being around for next seasons Road to the Fraser Cup.

This season the Runners built a strong and supportive billet system. “Our billets have been great.  They support our players both in and out of the rink and have really stepped up to provide our players with the love and care that we needed for them throughout the season.” states coach Ryan Scheide.  This was not the only success for Scheide and the Runners this season as the coach played a huge part in building a relationship with  minor hockey coordinating Runners players to attend all youth practices.  “The community has accepted us and we are building a very solid fan base and I think that will continue to grow as we work with the local businesses and organizations to promote our program and the community as a whole and Ryan is a big part of that process.” added Beavis.

The Runners are beginning to gear up for 2020-2021  and have been hard at work over the early stages of the off season.  Over the next few weeks the team will begin introducing their tenders, draft picks and free agent signings as well as re-introducing their returning players.  “It’s been a very productive few weeks to say the least as we have assembled a great looking group so far.  We still have a few holes to fill but will now be able to take our time a bit and acquire some very high end talent over the next four months.” added Beavis.

The Runners will return back to the Spirit Ice Arena in late August to begin training camp with this years group of hopefuls with their eyes fixed not only on the playoffs but focused on the Fraser Cup.