RoadRunners Offical Affiliate of Corpus Christi IceRays NAHL

Aug 22, 2019

For Immediate release: 8/22/2019

The Texas RoadRunners of the NA3HL and the Corpus Christi IceRays of the NAHL have announced a joint working partnership and the RoadRunners have been named the official affiliate of the Ice Rays.

The two teams will work to help develop players at the tier 3 level of play within the NA3HL – NAHL families.  The two teams will work  with potential prospects of the IceRays at the NA3HL level.  Affiliate players of the Ice rays assigned to the RoadRunners could remain within the IceRays system available for future play at the NAHL level with the Corpus Christi.  This affiliation is effective immediately as both organizations prepare to begin the 2019-2020 season.

“This Opportunity was presented to our program and from top to bottom we think this is a good step for both organizations.  We also believe this step will strengthen the development path of the NA3HL as a great option for those players that are just a step away from being full time NAHL players.  The proximity  of Bryan / College Station to Corpus Christi is a logical choice for our franchise as well.  We’re excited about the possibilities being explored here and look forward to working with the RoadRunners.” stated Al Rooney, Head Coach of the IceRays.

RoadRunners  GM and head coach Mike Beavis added this;  “We feel that the relationship between the two programs is a great thing that can be beneficial to both organizations and will help to build a solid foundation for NA3HL to NAHL clubs to help develop players to reach higher levels of play within a true ladder of development.  With the NAPHL, the NA3HL and the NAHL all working together to move guys through the process we could have what is the biggest step in helping players achieve their goals.”

The NA3HL and the NAHL are working very hard to set up these relationships between the two leagues and with this recent announcement it looks like things can and will progress between the two leagues.  “All it takes is a plan and communication.  It’s a two way street with relationships.  Al and I spoke for quite awhile yesterday and agreed that this was what both of us felt was a good fit.  I sat in meetings as a Competition and Rules Committee  representative of the NA3HL in 2018 where we met with the Executive Committee of the NAHL and talked about these very relationships.  Some of us get it !  Like I said, it’s a two way street and Al and I get that as well.” added Beavis

Both teams hope to grow a healthy relationship as well as be a foundation for relationships between other NA3HL and NAHL programs for the future.