RoadRunners come together at Training Camp

Sep 5, 2019

Team bonding and training camp go hand in hand for players and teams.  That is just what RoadRunners head coach Mike Beavis is seeing right now in Bryan College Station TX.  “It’s kind of crazy but I am seeing it happen and it’s happening pretty fast this season.  Guy’s are bonding quick and supporting each other like I have not seen in quite awhile.” stated Beavis

The team is only in day three of training camp and this afternoon did a bit of team building and faced a challenge from the coaching staff which they completed and earned a much needed rest for the scheduled third afternoon ice session.  They also were rewarded with bowling and laser tag to help with the social and relaxing part of camp.  “The guys needed a break for sure.  The chance to get out and do something else for a couple hours that was also a fun competitive event helped to reinforce what Mike always tells the guys… You have to keep the game fun if you want to last in it!” added Coach Ryan Scheide.

Both Beavis and Scheide are very happy with the way the guys are working in the early stages of this season.  “Players are texting me and saying they feel really good about this season and I know guys are excited.  The veterans can’t believe the change here this year and the new guys are loving it.  This is what I was hoping for and we know we are on track to make something special happen here this season.” added Beavis

The team will continue to skate over the next few days in their training camp format of two-three on ice sessions and two off ice sessions daily.  Saturday the team will get out for it’s first team dinner (On coach Beavis).  I like to reward guys for hard work and I do what I can to show them that when possible.  These guys are working hard and hard work gets rewarded.  Besides they are also becoming my family this season.” states Beavis.   The RoadRunners bench boss moved to Texas in August leaving his wife, kids and grand kids back in upstate NY.  “Leaving family is tough but they are all supportive and thank goodness for face-time as that keeps me going with my wife for sure.  I am sure the players will need my support and I will definitely need theirs.” added Beavis

The RoadRunners will open Friday the 13th at home in the “Spirit Ice Arena” in Bryan College Station VS the Atlanta Capitals.  For ticket information contact the “Spirit Ice Arena” Box Office.