D1 Training College Station Partner with RoadRunners

Sep 15, 2021



The Texas RoadRunners are thrilled to announce a partnership with D1 Training College Station for the 2021-22 season. D1’s certified strength and conditioning staff will coach the RoadRunners at a state-of-the-art facility, complete with multilayered turf and customized equipment.


“We are very excited to be adding the D1 team to our program,” says RoadRunners Head Coach Mike Beavis. “They will be invaluable in ensuring our guys are prepared to compete every night.”


D1 will play a large role in furthering the RoadRunners’ main objective: player development. “Many players start out in junior hockey without ever having trained under a professional training staff,” says Beavis. “Our partnership with D1 will give our guys the opportunity to do just that.”


Chad Barribeau, D1’s Regional General Manager, says “D1 College Station is proud to announce our partnership with the Texas Roadrunners as the official sports performance specialists. Our goal is to have the athletes achieve optimal performance through maximizing speed, agility, and strength training.”


D1 is located on University Blvd. in Bryan, TX.